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We create graphic designing which includes designing of identity (logos and branding), publications (book, magazine etc.), advertisements, posters, billboards, banners website graphics, product packaging etc.

We also perform offset, digital and flex printing. 

We create eye catching PowerPoint presentations with embedded multimedia elements.

wide range of products

Invitation Card • Visiting Card • Identity Card • Greetings Card • Wedding Card • Bill/ Invoice Book • Money Receipt • Forms • Challan • Leaflet • Menu • Brochure • Poster • Logo • Promotional images • Infographics • Standee • Flex Banner • Sticker • Vinyl • Book • Magazine • Report • Cover page • Customized Calendar

a great book needs a great cover

Our modern attractive book cover designs ensure you to give an eye-catching face to your dream document. A book cover should reflect your hardwork and thoughts that have been written by you.

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promote your product with flyers

Flyers are an easy and effective way to tell people on the street about your services and products. They may have never seen your website, or may not be on social media. Even if they are online, they may take more notice of a flyer that is handed to them rather than scrolling through their news feed.
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Showcase your products, items or your collection or even yourself in a very clean well-organised format that can attract others. A clean and creative menu or portfolio always tricks in catching other attraction.

Planning to showcase your dream?


Carry your design with you anywhere. A great way of showing your product or customised design with a creativity. It is portable, reuseable, easy to carry. These are perfect solution to grab attention of passers by.

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looking to create brand awareness?

Posters can catch the eyes of people and make them aware of a product or service. Its powerful ability to stick in people’s minds can have huge advantages for your brand. Our modern designs for your poster can give a boost to the face of your brand.

Let's Spread your product or service everywhere...


A business card’s primary purpose is to create connections. There are so many more ways this trusty little piece of card can benefit your business. Business cards are standard and creative way to hand over your identity or about your brand to others that no one can refuse. 

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invitation cards for your dream event

Send your guests our customised attractive invitation cards that best defines your event. Also we create Digital Invitations for wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any other special events. 

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Showcase or display your advertisement of products or service in a big size so that it catches others eye and attracts them visually. It always increases the brand value and the authentication of the service or brand in people's mind.

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silk screen, silk screening, art


Only having the design is not everything, a quality design needs to be printed. SOFTLAB also provides a complete solution of printing, binding or laminating your designs or documents for any kind of promotions or advertisements.

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power-point presentation

Making your presentation more interesting through the use of multimedia can help to improve the audience’s focus. Our creative presentation designs comes with images, audio and video to have a greater visual impact. These visual and audio cues may also help a presenter be more improvisational and interactive with the audience.

Its time to present your idea ...

photo editing / retouching

SOFTLAB is highly dedicated to make any event look and feel more vibrant and fun with photo editing. You can also make your old photographs that are black and white come to life with color. These photographs can be fixed even if they are damaged. Photo editing can bring to life any picture with more color and joy!
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