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Dedicated for websites and android applications

Our web development service has been developing web applications like Websites and Android Application for custom business requirements of all our esteemed clients. We work hard to satisfy every minute needs of our clients to make their application to be the best in the world of Internet out there. Our main objective is to deliver a quality and best product to the client.

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diverse web development services

Avail the varied Web Application services on the Internet to showcase your products, write your daily blogs, share information and many more. SOFTLAB is dedicated to fulfill any type of service the client requires. Our service is fully customized, attractive, modern, dynamic, creative and user-friendly. 

Static Web Application

Dedicated or familiar to showcase quality of information or products. Usually developed using languages like HTML and CSS and JavaScript.

Dynamic Web Application

Dedicated or familiar to showcase quality of information or products. It uses databases to store information and can be updated by the user at any time.


Individual can write or share information of about their interest on daily basis to target more audience out their on the Internet. The content can contain text, video, graphics and others.

E-Commerce Application

Fully designed to showcase your products and sell them online. It helps in targeting more volume of customers, easy payments, modern. It also adds value to the company.

Custom Business Applications

Manage your business from anywhere. Our Business Application model is designed to keep records and make business process smooth and easy.

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We provide the best features that your web application needs
  • User-Friendly
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Fully Responsive regardless of any screen size and resolution
  • Security is priority
  • Backup of your Web Application

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SOFTLAB is specialised in developing websites that are responsive, user-friendly and secure. 

android app

SOFTLAB extends its web developing services for Android Applications for more quality mobile friendly experience. 

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